Mats - 100% polypropylene cleaning runners, height 11mm.

An ideal solution for large areas with frequent and constant activity. The material is extremely durable with the largest possible resistance against creasing available on the market today. 

The material is suitable for application in both interiors and exteriors. The mat is resistant to penetration - e.g. by skates, skis etc., while in the process being equipped with a safe anti-skid surface. 

There are numerous pros to using these mats and therefore they are recommended for hospitals, shopping centres, hotel lobbies, banks, restaurants, dressing rooms, spas, fitness centres, entry paths including stairways, ski rooms, roller skating rinks, car showrooms, offices, around the pools and many others.

Technical data
dimensions: width 200 cm, length as required (21m per roll)
height: 11mm
material: 100% polypropylene, MFL ED
weight: 2 810 g/m²
installation: at floor level in Al-frame 10 / 30 / 2 mm, or freely placed on the floor with a 2 cm wide rubber ledge
maintenance: vacuum, pressure wash or scrub as necessary