FLOORNESS wide groove

Height 3.5 mm, SBR rubber.

Category information
Very strong and durable mats. They are used to cover floors, shelves, work tables and other workshop surfaces from which objects can fall off. The mats can also be used in the cargo areas of lorries and vans.
They are resistant to low acid and base concentrations.

FLOORNESS - wide groove

• SBR rubber.
• Surface: wide groove
• Hardness 70 Shore A
• Specific weight (DIN53519): 1.5 t/m³.
• Tensile strength (DIN53504): 4 MPa.
• Heat resistance: -25 to 60°C
• Height: 3.5 mm
• Colour: black
• Dimensions: 120cm x 10m
• Format tolerance - width +/- 50 mm length 1000mm

FLOORNESS wide groove
FLOORNESS wide groove