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By trapping dirt right at the entrance, you will prevent it from spreading further into the building. Up to 90 % of the dirt and moisture that enters a cleaning zone gets trapped.


By choosing a high-quality cleaning zone from our GAPA mats, you save up to 65% of the cost of maintaining floors, reduce their wear and increase their service life.


For all types of entrance mats, we recommend saving on width and increasing length. Our specialists will advise you on the ideal variant for your needs.

Reliable functionality

The effectiveness of our mats and the quality of our company's management systems are certified by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction in Prague, ISO 9001 and ISO 140001.

Catalogue of mats and cleaning zones

GAPA mats contribute to reducing the overall dustiness of the building, and increase safety for the movement of people while increasing the service life of other flooring.

Entry mats

Entry mats

Mats for collecting rough dirt. Indoor and outdoor use.

Textile mats

Textile mats

Indoor textile mats for cleaning fine dirt and moisture.

Pool mats

Pool mats

Mats for swimming pools, saunas, showers, changing rooms ...

Industrial mats

Industrial mats

Anti wear and tear protection mats for industry, gastronomical operations and industrial flooring. Antistatic and electrical insulation mats.

Cleaning zones

Importance of cleaning zones

  • cleaning zones capture up to 90 % of dirt and moisture otherwise brought inside the building
  • save up to 65% of maintenance costs and at the same time significantly reduce the wear and prolong the life of flooring
  • high efficiency
  • less dirt inside
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • optimal costs of cleaning
  • presentable look of your entrance
  • protection against slipping
Cleaning zones

Certification and reliability

Our mats are certified by Technický zkušební ústav Praha-Prosek (TZÚS). GAPA MB, s.r.o. is certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

  • Technický zkušební ústav Praha-Prosek
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

Professional services

We provide everything from project preparation to implementation.